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We go to great lengths to capture accurate digital information in the form of raster maps, digital elevation models, land use and land cover data and more. We really excel when it comes time to present this data to a client (or even a judge, jury, customer or investor). We endeavor to enlighten the viewer and impart a fundamental understanding of what would otherwise be a complex scientific or mathematical concept. To download a full brochure about our capabilities, including fees and other information, click here.

Each thumbnail gallery image below will link you to an individual project page, where you can view animations and/or still images.

ABA 2012 Aviation Litigation Mock Mid-AirN761RS Cessna 210 Engine Failurecactus flight 1549 accident reconstructionAspen Colorado Terrain VisualizationAviation Statistics and InfrastructureFrontier Flight 820 Bird Strike Radar Datasteve fossett crash sitedeepwater horizon oil spill, macondo well blowoutlidar 3d visualization lidar animationAnimated KML Google Earth custom data setsvisual acuity of the human eyegreen river, utahNEXRAD 2D and 3D VisualizationContinental Flight 1404 Crash, Denver International Airportoil and gas 3d visualizationgolden, colorado

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