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We are not hiring full time employees at this time. However, we strive to maintain a strategic position for projects on the horizon. We have a number of ideas with developmental possibilities, some of which might even be perfect candidates as a thesis topic for a graduate student. Our experience and diversified approach to problem solving makes us leaders in our field of expertise and places Exosphere3D in an environment of innovation. Our immediate needs will likely be in the field of mathematics and computer programming. Our long term intellectual resource needs will be in a much broader pool of talent to include: computer graphics, hardware/systems design, statistical data analysis, data manipulation and much more.

To better meet the needs of our future clients, we also would like to establish a working relationship with independent/contract graphic artists who have particular specialty in 3D modeling (Lightwave, Maya, 3DStudio), texturing and lighting, and character rigging.

If you would like to establish yourself as a potential resource for our future growth, contact us by sending mail to webcontact (just enter our domain name after that) or call us at 682.2445 (area code 970).