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Exosphere3D specializes in technical animation and scientific visualization of complex data sets. We present unique perspectives and innovative engineered solutions to otherwise intractable collections of information. Our competitive advantage is our diverse background of engineering, manufacturing, and hands on problem solving experience.

While our techniques are focused on detailed and precise analysis of sometimes convoluted source information, the dominant principle of our methods is to maintain a grasp of what we call the "big picture". The core of this concept is to never lose sight of the more important and sometimes obvious conclusions that can be easily lost in a forest of unprocessed raw information.

Clients will be satisfied with this approach and will benefit from our guidance and input in areas of their projects other than the actual processing of data or animation work. We place an emphasis on your needs and never compromise our integrity to get a job done.

Exosphere3D excels in dynamic visualization of:

* Geospatial data (GIS)
* Geophysical data, Oil and Gas reservoir visualization
* Site surveying and modeling
* Volumetric data such as Seismic, 4D Voxel Data sets, NEXRAD Level II, NEXRAD Level III
* Audio and Video analysis
* Eye-Witness testimony (accident reconstruction)
* Aircraft cockpit modeling (aviation accident reconstruction)
* Aircraft flight path data (Radar, GPS, Calculated)
* Product visualization (parts, assemblies, machines, etc)

You can visit our gallery page to see some example work projects. The Exosphere3D website continually evolves to reflect our strengths in data visualization and analysis. Ready to contact us? Send an email to "webcontact" here at our domain (Exosphere3D.com).

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